State Capital Museum

The State Capital Museum and Outreach Center is located in the historic Lord Mansion, seven blocks south of the capital campus in Olympia. The museum is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the history and culture of Washington and features two floors of exhibits.

Exhibits on regional Native American history and on Olympia as Washington's capital bring area history alive. A series of provocative temporary exhibits encourages visitors to examine history through different cultural, social, and political lenses. Gracious lawns and ethnobotanical gardens featuring native Northwest flora surround the museum.

The building also houses outreach programs of the Washington State Historical Society, including the Women's History Consortium, Heritage Resource Center, National History Day, and Traveling Exhibits Service.

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Exhibitions and events

Respecting the Knowledge: Ethnobotany of Western Washington

Permanent exhibition

Ethnobotany is understanding the relationship between plants and peoples. Native communities, past and present, have used plants for food, medicine, and tools. The exhibit includes beautiful...

Educational programs

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