Bela Krajina Museum

Belokranjski muzej Metlika

The Bela Krajina Museum was founded in 1951 and is situated in the old part of the town, in the Metlika Castle. The Museum preserves the cultural heritage of Bela Krajina and hosts five permanent exhibitions; the biggest of these is displayed in Metlika, while the smaller ones are hosted in Vinica, Semiči, Črnomelj and Metlika. The region between Kolpa and Gorjanci is unique both in its geographical and its ethno-cultural aspects. It is well-known for its rich history, which differs significantly from histories of other Slovenian regions.

The history of Bela Krajina, together with its cultural and natural heritage, is the main subject of the film called “Images of Bela Krajina”, the latter serving as an introduction to the permanent exhibition displayed in the Metlika Castle. The collection uses numerous objects, partially ambiental installations, visual and documentary material to portray the life in the region from the prehistoric times to the middle of the 20th century. Recently, most parts of this extensive exhibition have been renovated, and the Metlika Castle is currently undergoing a similarly thorough reconstruction process.

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Vsa čast in slava Josipu Savinšku, ustanovitelju požarne brambe in zadnjemu metliškemu graščaku

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Vljudno vas vabimo na odprtje nove stalne razstave Belokranjskega muzeja Metlika Vsa čast in slava Josipu Savinšku, ustanovitelju požarne brambe in zadnjemu metliškemu graščaku. Po pozdravnem...

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Savinškov grb


Na delavnici za otroke in družine bomo s pomočjo različnih grafičnih tehnik poustvarili grb ustanovitelja požarne brambe in zadnjega metliškega graščaka, Josipa Savinška. Vljudno vabljeni!


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