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THE TERRAIN is the first gallery to show the inextricable relation between the technique of art and people’s lives. Since its opening in 1955 in New York City, the Terrain has presented exhibitions of contemporary paintings, prints, drawings, and photographs, with comment based on Eli Siegel’s historic Fifteen Questions, Is Beauty the Making One of Opposites? (see also Italian translation) Among the artists exhibiting have been Will Barnet, Robert Blackburn, William Clutz, Lois Dodd, William King, Andre Kertesz, Chaim Koppelman, Peter Passuntino, Stephen Poleskie, Elfi Schuselka, Richard Sloat, George O. Stadnik.


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The Visual Arts & the Opposites Taught by Marcia Rackow Looking at the art of the world in museums and galleries here and abroad — from the tomb sculptures of ancient China to the latest work in...


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26. 10. 2023

Chaim and Dorothy Koppelman Fdn Website

Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation

THE CHAIM & DOROTHY KOPPELMAN FOUNDATION  announces the launch of a new website for these two major 20th-century American artists, with a selection...

24. 07. 2018

Berthe Morisot: The Technique of Art & the Questions of Life--What's the Relation?

Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation

As I studied the work of the renowned French Impressionist painter Berthe Morisot, whom I care for, I was taken by the energy and motion in it, at one with...

20. 06. 2018

What Are You Looking for in Love? Robert Indiana’s LOVE

Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Reprinted from the Journal of the Print World When, in the 1960’s, I first saw Robert Indiana’s LOVE ,   it really took me, as it did people across...

7. 02. 2018

Picasso’s "Dora Maar Seated"—or, Full Face and Profile: How Do They Show the Self?

Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation

I have come to care very much  for this painting by Pablo Picasso titled  Dora Maar Seated . Dora Maar was a photographer and took photographs of...

22. 12. 2016

Gli affreschi di Piero della Francesca: il loro significato oggi

Terrain Gallery | Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Di Dorothy Koppelman Il Panello Sinistro della Legenda della Vera Croce Nella Chiesa di San Francesco in Arezzo La Regina di Saba che Adora il Sacro Legno...

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