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Amsterdam Pipe Museum

* * * * *

25 days ago, At our visit it became obvious that we had uncovered a real jewel of an attraction! The museum is set in a restored canal house, with beautiful period furniture and cabinets showing THOUSANDS of tobacco pipes! The gentleman who guided us was very knowledgeable, prepared to answer any questions we had. This pipe museum hides fantastic treasures. I do not smoke at all, but the sense of history from the building itself is as interesting as the history contained within the cabinets. Friendly staff !


* * * *

2 months ago, nuwa das Musseoum ist toll und sehr informativ. auf der Burg gibt es ausserdem (ausser der Hexe) noch eine hervorragende Greifvogel Schau. Ausserdem gibt es noch eine Waffenschau .

Museum für Pferdestärken - HMB

* * * * *

2 months ago, Daniele If you're having a walk through the wonderful gardens of the Merian Gärten don't miss the opportunity to stop by this nice little Museum. It's a trip through time where you can experience curious means of transport of former times. They furthermore offer living history, check their webpage for dates & times.

Museum für Geschichte - HMB

* * * * *

2 months ago, Daniele Not only the cities' Museum of History but also a great place with highly interesting special exhibitions. Nice little Bistro to eat lunch (homemade soups & salads) all in all a great place for the whole family!

Museum für Wohnkultur - HMB

* * * * *

2 months ago, Daniele Fantastic rooms, interior & furniture! Truly a place of domestic culture! Don't miss the wonderful garden, they offer picnic in summer!