The Gateway to the Pacific

Everyone hyping Vancouver? Vancouver in the grip of real estate frenzy? House prices soaring, then crashing?

That’s Vancouver in the early 1900s.

Vancouver became a big city whose busy streets flash by in the 1907 film. Streetcar lines extended south and east, encouraging new developments. Substantial communities of Chinese, Japanese, and South Asians made their homes here, in spite of deep prejudice that flared in the Anti-Asian Riot and the Komagata Maru incident.

The shadow side of Vancouver’s “golden years” becomes harder to ignore. Dreams of safe, prosperous homes in a beautiful corner of the British Empire were tested by economic collapse in 1913 and world war in 1914.

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You Say You Want A Revolution

Permanent exhibition

Kids searching for an alternative way of life made Vancouver the hippie capital of Canada, and Kitsilano, with its cheap housing, became freak central. Groove on Vancouver, the cool city on the...

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