Museum Het Schip shows an exhibition in the museumgarden about streetfurniture Amsterdam School.

The architects from the Amsterdam school were important. They also developed a new style in the design of the streetfurniture.

Museum Het Schip has a garden with streetfurniture designed by architects of the Amsterdam School. Here is also an exhibition with information about the history of the streetfurniture.

Street Furniture of the Amsterdam School Spotlighted Street furniture is everywhere around us. We are used to it so much that we rarely notice the presence of these objects in our daily surroundings. Yet, all the public lavatories, post boxes, streetlamps and litterbins make up a part of an interesting history of styles. The turning point in this history came when the architects and artists of the Amsterdam School contributed to street furniture design. In the mid-1910s, designers of the Amsterdam School stepped into the limelight and strove to undertake important commissions. At that time, the municipality of Amsterdam advocated for well-maintained streetscapes.

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Exhibitions and events

Poste Restante

Permanent exhibition

In the former Postoffice you can visit the exhibition Poste Restante. The Amsterdam School tends to be referred to exclusively as an architecture movement. This exhibition also addresses the social...

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