Amazonia Paths to the Indians

Amazonia often figures in the news and on the front pages of newspapers. Public attention turns at times to its unmatched natural wealth or the destruction of that wealth, at other times to its "savage" inhabitants living out of sight. Almost every day we hear about the disappearance of its unique flora and fauna, of the processes that may be having a harmful impact on the atmosphere of the entire planet. Sometimes among the people protesting on the spot and around the world against these happenings we catch a glimpse of the Indians who have always lived in the Amazon jungle. Their existence is intertwined with the natural world around them that ensures their livelihood: the fate of forest and man are closely linked.
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Women, Hand-Woven Rugs, Home Industry

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In some peasant communities wool carpets were major items in a woman's trousseau. They were spread on the beds for display in the front room, used as table covers, served to emphasise the solemnity...

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