Métis Art and History - Otipemisiwak: The People Who Own Themselves

Mirroring the discussion of today’s global issues, this exhibition turns to art, collaboration and history to help charter a path forward to understanding and reconciliation. Partnering with the West Kootenay Métis Society, Métis Art and History - OTIPEMISIWAK: The People Who Own Themselves enlists the community, working with traditional art forms in artist-led workshops throughout the year, to create the work featured in the large-scale exhibition. The exhibition also features an archival component, from the Shawn Lamb Archives, as well as other regional archives and organizations, and from private collections.

Métis Art and History opens Saturday, November 28 and runs until February 21, 2021. For more information about the exhibition and related programming, please visit www.touchstonesnelson.ca

(Pictured beadwork by Michele Morin)

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