If on the Edge, Draw a Coordinate: the 2020 Green Island Human Rights Art Festival

In 2019, NHRM first tried to organize the "Green Island Human Rights Art Festival" using contemporary art as a medium. It was well received and was nominated for the 18th Taishin Art Award.


This year, 14 artists, 21 pieces (19 brand new, tailor-made for the art festival) use archival research, field investigations, image production, text writing, artistic actions, and other methods to dare to challenge mainstream norms, and discuss human rights issues from different aspects.


It is also the first time that NHRM cooperated with National Taipei University of the Arts. Through "Politics of Memory and Art Intervention" course, students from different art departments understood and discussed the theme of Taiwan's history and transitional justice from the classroom for the first time. Five contemporary pieces of art centered on "remembrance and marginalization" are exhibited together in the art festival, hoping to encourage the younger generation to pay attention to human rights issues through artistic creation.


Exhibitions and events

What?! Why Me?!

Temporary exhibition at National Human Rights Museum until 13.12.2020

“Freedom of Speech” is a part of basic human rights, but during the period of martial law in Taiwan, there were more than thousands of imprisonment cases due to speech, text, or images. Under the “No...

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