TAKE TIME OUT. Time, repetition and slowing down

Patrick Bernatchez, Meta Grgurevič, Anja Jelovšek, Ragnar Kjartansson, Davor Sanvincenti, Tomo Stanič, Ana Straže, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, Guido van der Werve

Thinking about time in contemporaneity, where time is constantly running out and we are in a persistent state of rush and constant stimuli, contemplating the nature and experience of time, its fragility, the irreversibility of the moment and the event in time, being aware of the passing of time … thinking about time in a society that is controlled by the constant extension of work time into private time, experiencing the stressful time pressures, and the constant feeling that consistent and fast action is required or else we will find ourselves on the margins of society … thinking about time, this basic human living category in a society that nourishes and is dominated by the belief that time, which is not efficient and productive, and above all, which is not a source of profit-making, is time wasted … As individuals we perceive time differently, perhaps we do not even think about it. On the one hand, we take it for granted and on the other hand, it almost seems as if thinking about time in contemporary reality is, in fact, contrary to its basic values.
The exhibition that springs from this context speaks of time as such, and above all offers a sensing of time. Not the chronological, measured, but more profound time, that is in constant movement and interplay. The past never truly goes away and the future is already here in our minds right now. By talking about cycles, repetition, passing, returning, slowing down, duration, the constant cycle of life and death, it is the interest of the exhibition to offer the viewer an experience of time that deviates from his usual perception in everyday life. It focuses on artworks in which time stops, repeats, extends and deepens, particularly through the strategies of repetition and slowing down, so that it becomes almost tangible matter, the opposite of linear time, and the complete opposite to the speeded-up time created by Western society. It focuses on works that almost allow the viewer to step into time, to almost see it and feel it, on works that intensify the awareness of time through their structure as well as special subtle, poetic and emotional atmosphere. More

Curator: Irena Čerčnik

Supported by: Mestna občina Celje

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