Arts of Devote—Dialogue of Heart • Artifacts• Dogma

Dates:2019-05-18 ~ 2019-08-18
Opening Hours : Tuesday–Sunday : 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location:Special Exhibit Area Ⅰ
Closing Day : The museum is closed every Monday, and Chinese New Year’s Eve to Chinese January 5th.


Devote, the original meaning is devotion and respectful offerings. " Offering" includes specific offerings and practices of belief rituals after which has been introduced into religious culture. The exhibition focuses on the "Heart" of the people, the " Artifacts" of the offering, and the "Dogma" of the faith. By means of the ceremonial arrangement representing the gods and the display of objects, it provides the dialogue and exchange within the heart, the instrument, and the rule. It shows and demonstrates the inner spirit and aesthetics of the arts of support. In particular, when faith is integrated into life, living utensils are used in religious rituals, with carrying precious offerings and devout minds and transforming into sacred and special objects of great significance.

The exhibition area is presented in two major themes: the religious offerings to the altar and the Literati Pure Offerings. The culture of " Pure Offerings " has been there for a long history. In ancient times, people used elegant things such as fragrance, flowers, fruits and vegetables as their offerings, for respecting the gods when celebrating festivals or at sacrifices. " Devote " is a sincere respect . The purity of the supplies and the rituals that conform to the rituals are basic learning, to respect the gods, to be self-sufficient, to create aesthetics, and to shape the sanctity of space. Later, " Pure Offerings " also entered daily life. In addition to sacrifices and offerings, they became the decoration and craftsmanship of home decoration, and borrowed the feelings and sentiments to experience the natural and pure artistic conception.

The special exhibition combines the aesthetics of life in the community's belief culture, and cooperates with three religious communities to introduce the forms and artifacts of the altar: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Daoism. The exhibited artifacts were kindly provided by the Xiangtai Culture and Education Foundation and Collector Mr. Zhang . The museum welcomes all to wander through the world of Religions’ Offering Arts and Literati Pure Offerings; in this season changing period to nourishing our heart.



Keywords: art dogma religion

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