Stone Art – Ancient Egyptian Vessels of Immortal Beauty

Ancient Egypt is famous for its monumental buildings, colossal sculptures and artistic reliefs. Lesser known, yet no less fascinating, are stone vessels made of particularly valuable materials of outstanding aesthetic quality. This studio exhibition extends the exhibition "Egypt - Land of Immortality" and focuses on the Ancient Egyptian vessel art, whose aesthetics and modern design are still fascinating in this day and age.

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Worlds of Music

Permanent exhibition

The exhibition “Worlds of Music“ introduces music as a human phenomenon. Music instruments from all over the world and different epochs showcase the links between sound and nature, humans, spirits...

Buried History

Permanent exhibition

Visitors embark on a thrilling journey through time that with a display of exceptional original finds takes them from the Stone Age via the Bronze and Iron Age up to the Roman Era and into the early...

Simply Beastly! Fun with Dino, Panda & Co.

Temporary exhibition at Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen until 10.03.2019

A hands-on exhibition for the whole family.

Mummies – Secrets of Life

Temporary exhibition at Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen until 31.03.2019

It was a sensation when, in 2004, twenty mummies that were believed to have been lost were rediscovered in the depots of Mannheim's Reiss-Engelhorn museums. Together with numerous other mummies from...

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