Exhibition by Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė "Dream is Just a Dream"

A. Žmuidzinavičius Creations and Collections Museum, V. Putvinskio St. 64, Kaunas

The solo exhibition by Aistė Gabrielė Černiūtė Dream is Just a Dream.

The exhibition is comprised of several structural elements and levels. One of them is a three-dimensional sculpture, paintings as objects. These are conscious and subconscious images born in the artist’s dreams, which, in turn, arose in her childhood days and nights spent in Kaunas. Another meaningful component of the exhibition is a "real" object (objets trouvés). These are the relics of the same childhood home, memory rooms, related to dreams and Kaunas.

By painting untraditional paintings, Aistė follows the principles of classical painting. According to the artist, it is possible to provide both physical (three dimensional) and spiritual (live) forms to each touch of a brush. From this, within a ten years’ period, was formed relief-sculptural painting (the author herself names it "painterly people"). Everything was inspired by conviction and belief that painting is not solely flat, but also dimensional technique that makes it possible to create tangible shapes by transforming the dreams into reality.

Exhibition works: 25 05 2018–24 06 2018

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