"Baltic Neighbours Celebrate 100. The 20th c. Art of Latvia and Estonia from the Collections of M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art"

M. Žilinskas Art Gallery, Nepriklausomybės Sq. 12, Kaunas

The exhibition
 "Baltic Neighbours Celebrate 100. The 20th c. Art of Latvia and Estonia from the Collections of M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art".

Dedicated to the centenary of the Baltic States this exhibition presents Latvian and Estonian artists with their works created during the first period of independence (1918–1940), in the years of the Soviet occupation, even those created after the Restoration of Independence in 1990. For the first time, visitors are provided with the opportunity to get a broader overview of the 20th century art of two neighbouring Baltic countries. The most abundant part of the exhibition is comprised of paintings and graphic arts, however, several sculptures, entertaining posters and engaging exhibits of the applied art make the artistic panorama much more diversified.

The exhibited works reflect the main artistic tendencies and genres characteristic of Latvian and Estonian art, and also testify to the desire to capture the peculiarities of each country in the works of art. We hope that visitors will be delighted to see in a new context the works of the interwar modern classics previously shown in the permanent exposition of the gallery. Among them – Latvian artists V. Purvitis, L. Liberts, V. Tone, U. Skulme, R. Sutta and the representatives of Estonian art E. Starkopf and E. Haamer. Whereas a well known graphic artist of Estonia E. Wiiralt and a number of acknowledged artists of the Soviet period – the Estonian J. Arrak, Latvians – G. Krolis, I. Blumberg, G. Sietinis as well as famous Latvian painters D. Skulmė, B. Baumane and the Estonian artist L. Muuga are introduced to the Lithuanian public for the first time.

The exhibition is supplemented with a documentary material from the collections of the M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, the Library of the Kaunas University of Technology, the Lithuanian Central State Archive and the Lithuanian Archives of Literature and Art.

Exhibition works: 14 06 2018–02 09 2018




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