The Human Genome. What makes us unique – the exhibition

Why are we all different? Where do we get our talents from? Why do some of us age well and others, unfortunately, not so well? Don’t miss the new exhibition!

The“HUMAN GENOME - What makes us unique” exhibition aims to provoke critical reflection on the enormous scientific and technological progress made in this area and on the individual and social effects of a constantly evolving science.

Thanks to an interactive tour carefully designed down to the last detail, featuring multi-media elements, multi-projections and use of languages from other disciplines such as art, the MUSE project deals with essential questions regarding our genetic heritage: How much does DNA count? What other factors affect its expression, such as environment and lifestyle? To what extent can we intervene to alter it?

Paying special attention at all times to human and social aspects, the exhibition invites us to explore a world contained within us all that makes us unique.

Don’t miss it!

The Story-changer

This is an original interactive game dealing with the question of genetic mutations. Try to alter the meaning of the story by changing words: each change mimics possible DNA mutations... find out what happens!

The Town Square

Six silhouettes, sheltered by large blue umbrellas, inhabit a crowded space that recalls a town square, a place of meeting, dialogue and exchange. Listen to the stories told by each one of these figures: interweaving knowledge with personal experience, each account reveals what we currently know about certain genetic predispositions to talents and illnesses, through the direct experience of the person involved.

The Supermarket of Genetic Tests

Have you ever paid for an online genetic test? Here, in this imaginary supermarket, you can do just that... at least virtually! By choosing a test to undergo and leaving your opinion, you can discover the pros and cons of such testing and gain insight into many aspects that go beyond the merely technical: would we be afraid of discovering possible predispositions regarding our health? Who should we trust with our genetic data? Who might be interested in getting hold of our genetic data?


A work of art specially created by the visual artist Claud Hesse for the exhibition. Come into this space and interact with the sculpture to understand the relationship between DNA and “lifestyle”: here we come to understand how certain lived experiences can affect the expression of genes, sometimes in a manner that is inherited!

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