Revisiting Black Mountain

Experimentation as experience, self-determined learning and teaching, democratic coexistence: the Black Mountain College (1933–1957) in the USA was a place of lived utopia, a vanishing point of modernity, which has remained a projection screen for creative and social ideas to this day. Here Josef and Anni Albers taught after the closing of the Bauhaus, John Cage performed his first happenings, Merce Cunningham founded his dance company, and R. Buckminster Fuller built his domed structures. Black Mountain students included the sculptor Ruth Asawa and the painter Robert Rauschenberg. Part of ZHdK’s Revisiting Black Mountain program, this exhibition presents photographs, films, and documents that explore and illumine the interrelations between the arts, the fusion of art and life, and the very essence of creativity.

Exhibitions and events

Design Studio: Processes

Temporary exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal until 14.04.2019

How is a chair, a lamp, or a typeface developed? How do designers approach the design process? What kind of cultural and social relevance does design have? The Museum für Gestaltung is launching the...

Social Design

Temporary exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal until 03.02.2019

A loom to start a business, a do-it-yourself house, or a solar kiosk for local power supply: social design is design for and with society — and highly topical. The consequences of the global growth...

3D lettering on buildings

Temporary exhibition at Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, Toni-Areal from 07.12.2018

Three-dimensional typefaces are omnipresent and exceptionally di verse: from festive decorations to shop displays, from art installations to typefaces on buildings and in public space. Such...

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