Konstantin Grcic – Panorama

Konstantin Grcic is one of the most influential designers of our time, combining industrial aesthetics and experimental, artistic elements into works that are both avant-garde and functional. This is the Asian debut of the largest solo exhibition on Grcic and his work to date, with large-scale installations, including a home interior, design studio and urban environment, specifically designed to render his personal vision of the future. Over 200 exhibits will be on display, juxtaposing products, prototypes and drawings with design pieces, everyday items and found objects that have inspired him, intriguingly revealing his design development and working processes. 

Grcic has developed specifically for this exhibition three large-scale installations, rendering his personal visions for life in the future, staging fictional scenarios confronting the viewer with the designer’s inspirations, challenges and questions, as well as placing Grcic’s works in a greater social context. The highlight of these presentations is a 30-metre long panorama that depicts an architectural landscape of the future. A fourth area of the exhibition takes a focused look at Grcic’s daily work. This section presents many of his finished objects, but also prototypes, drawings and background information along with artefacts that have inspired Grcic. 

In the shift of perspectives between larger and smaller scales, the exhibition demonstrates how design is more than mere problem solving for Grcic, but a highly complex process that integrates coincidences, ruptures, chance discoveries and a profound engagement with the visual culture of our time.

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