BC21 Art Award 2017

For the sixth time, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the Belvedere grant the BC21 Art Award, which has a value of 20,000 euros. Works by the four nominated artists are on view in an exhibition at the 21er Haus from 20 September to 19 November 2017. An international jury will decide the laureate at the beginning of October.

Artists Judith Fegerl (born 1977), Anja Ronacher (born 1979), Toni Schmale (born 1980), and Anne Speier (born 1977), all living and working in Vienna, were nominated for this year’s BC21 BostonConsulting & BelvedereContemporary Art Award.

The BC21 Art Award was launched in 2007 by the Boston Consulting Group and the Belvedere and is awarded to artists under the age of 40 living and working in Austria. The prize winners to date have been Nilbar Güres (2015), Anna Witt (2013), Lucie Stahl (2011), Nadim Vardag (2009), and Constantin Luser (2007).

This year’s nomination jury consists of Séamus Kealy (Director, Salzburger Kunstverein), Simone Menegoi (curator and author, based in Milan), Cosima Rainer (Director, Galerie der Stadt Schwaz), and Vivien Trommer (curator and author, based in Frankfurt am Main). The jury members each chose one artist independently of one another.

The laureate will be chosen at the beginning of October 2017 by the selection jury, which consists of Marius Babias (Director, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein), Zdenka Badovinac (Director, Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana), Francesco Manacorda (Artistic Director, V-A-C Foundation), and Stella Rollig (CEO and artistic director, Belvedere and 21er Haus).

Curated by Luisa Ziaja.

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