The Holocaust

The Museum’s Permanent Exhibition The Holocaust spans three floors of the Museum building. It presents a narrative history using more than 900 artifacts, 70 video monitors, and four theaters that include historic film footage and eyewitness testimonies. The exhibition is divided into three parts: “Nazi Assault,” “Final Solution,” and “Last Chapter.” The narrative begins with images of death and destruction as witnessed by American soldiers during the liberation of Nazi concentration camps in 1945. Most first-time visitors spend an average of two to three hours in this self-guided exhibition. Recommended for visitors 11 years of age and older.


View of the railcar on display in the permanent exhibition of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Washington D.C., June 19, 1991. Courtesy of Polskie Koleje Panstwowe, S.A.

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Exhibitions and events

Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story

Permanent exhibition

Remember the Children: Daniel’s Story, an exhibition for children, opened at the Museum in 1993. It presents the history of the Holocaust in ways that children can understand. It is the main program...

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