Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania Exhibition

The Money Museum is a modern and interactive museum that offers opportunities for visitors not only to be passive observers, but at the same time be actively involved in the cognition and learning processes. The museum exposition is multi-layered; it’s structure — simple and accessible for different types of visitors. Museum visitors can individually use the materials and means provided or examine their acquired knowledge by looking through the additional information such as, for instance, audio guides, computer terminals with special programmes or use the internet connection, watch topical, educational and documentary films, play educational games, use virtual expositions or presentations. The graphic solutions of the museum’s expositions, the integration of art works, various interactive means, the effects of sight, sound and light are all employed not only for engaging museum visitors, but also for educational purposes, encouraging our visitors to learn, be eager for more knowledge, come up with individual interpretations and seek answers for themselves.

The interactive, modern tools at the Museum offer visitors both knowledge and entertainment.

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