… and Action! How are Films and Television Made?

The spotlights come on. Everything on the set is in place. The sound and camera teams are in position. The makeup artist powders the actors one more time. Then the director gives the signal: “Lights, Camera,” the clapperboard is struck … and “Action!”

Whether it’s movies, television, a computer or a smartphone, moving images permanently surround us. Moreover, it is now relatively easy for each of us to make our own video clips and also to share them with friends. But how do the pros work? How is a film made for the movie theaters or a television series created? And what happens in a studio newsroom?

Divided into seven sections, the exhibition provides insights into the professional production of film and television. Among many examples, the visitors will learn how casting takes place, how the color green is used to perform magic in a green screen studio, that exceptional ideas are in great demand for a good film script, and that smooth teamwork is a must on a film set.

Various workshops will also entice them to experiment. A movie scene needs to be recomposed in the editing studio. In the sound studio, they can fiddle around making noises as a Foley artist and sound designer. Then, too, somebody has to design the poster for marketing a film. And finally, at the premiere – engulfed in the flashing lights of the photographers’ cameras – the young visitors are the stars in the limelight, the celebrities on the red carpet.

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Permanent Exhibition Film and Television

Permanent exhibition

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Bigger Than Life. Ken Adam's Film Design

Permanent exhibition

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