See 22 of the most valuable and significant items in the Museum’s collection. This cabinet of curiosities includes unique, famous and surprising specimens from the worlds of botany, mineralogy, zoology and palaeontology. Highlights include Charles Darwin’s pigeons, which provided him with the crucial evidence for the theory of evolution by natural selection, and the skull of a Barbary lion, which is thought to have lived in the Tower of London around 1280–1385

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Images of Nature

Permanent exhibition

Images of Nature is a new permanent gallery showcasing the Museum's world-famous collection of natural history artworks. Prints, watercolours and paintings from eminent natural history artists such...


Permanent exhibition

Meet a terrifying T-rex, unearth Baryonyx bones and inspect the Triceratops skeleton in our world-renowned Dinosaurs gallery. Sort the facts from the myths about why dinosaurs died out and delve into...

The Vault

Permanent exhibition

Highlights include a collection of 296 naturally coloured diamonds known as the Aurora Pyramid of Hope, Medusa, a giant, one-of-a-kind emerald from Zambia, and Tissint, a Martian meteorite that...


Permanent exhibition

Travel through the Cocoon experience deep into the heart of the collections to glimpse the working life of our scientists. See the previously hidden world of scientific research through viewing...

Images of Nature

Permanent exhibition

Indulge your passion for natural history, botanical illustration and scientific investigation. This permanent gallery showcases highlights from the Museum’s extensive collection of prints,...

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