Šaleška Valley 1941 - 1945

The exhibition shows the Second World War period in Šaleška dolina valley in all its extensiveness. Occupation of Slovene Styria and the enemy did not give the Slovene people any chance to survive. The enemy's goal was to entirely Germanize the country in 3 to 5 years. Occupation, violence and terror lead to revolt which was the only way out. The second part of the exhibition is consecrated to the revolt of the Slovene people, the national liberation movement with the emphasis on the activities of the 14th division and capitulation of German unities in Topolščica.

The linking element of the exhibition is poet Karel Destovnik - Kajuh. The exhibition is also consecrated to national heroes Dušan Mravljak - Mrož and Miha Pintar - Toledo and several other warriors, activists and individuals who collaborated in the mass revolt against the enemy. The main element is a cherry blossom from Kajuh's poem that symbolizes antiwar thoughts and summarizes the main idea of the exhibition.

Exhibitions and events

How Velenje Became a Town

Permanent exhibition

The photos reveal the beginnings of the contemporary Velenje town. The collection encompasses the period between 1945 and 1960 when Velenje started getting its new form. A small rural borough...

Mastodon - Palaeontological collection

Permanent exhibition

In the former stables prehistoric finds of two spices of mastodon, predecessors of today's elephant, are exhibited. They were discovered in 1964 in Škale near Velenje. Mastodons strode in...

Slovenian Contemporary Art - Gorenje

Permanent exhibition

The collection represents rich and diverse development of artistic creation in Slovenia from the beginning of the 20th century until the 21th century. The entire collection encompasses 800 works;...

The Ciril Cesar Sculpture Collection

Permanent exhibition

The museum Velenje displays works of a recognized Slovene sculptor Ciril Cesar. It shows different artistic periods from his sculptural beginning and works from academy to most recent ones with...

Old shop and inn - Reconstruction of a shop with mixed goods and an inn from the beginning of the 20th Century

Permanent exhibition

The shop dates from around 1930 and is furnished with original equipment from two shops in Šaleška dolina valley: drawers, counter, old cash box, a stand with glass vessel for sweets,...

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