Cultural Connections

This exhibition juxtaposes objects from different cultures into four thematic areas that explore connections of cultures, forms and ideas. Each section explores specific ways that objects connect with people’s lives, past and present; and considers how objects from diverse cultures have served as tools of action, authority, knowledge and tradition.

These objects, admired by many for their workmanship and beauty, are reflections of the inner spirit of the people who made them. Featured in the exhibition are objects primarily from the Americas ranging in date from the second millennium BC to the present. Although they are evidence of a long and rich history it is important to remember that societies are not static. Encounters with new ideas and people ensure that traditions remain vital and relevant.

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Dancing Faces: The many faces of Mexican dance

Permanent exhibition

In Mexico, beings of all types are represented in masks including humans, both male and female, animals and supernaturals. Some masks combine elements and serve as reminders of ancient gods from the...

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