Möderndorfer Theatre, opening of the exhibition in Ljubljana

Travelling exhibition Möderndorfer Theatre

From 27 June 2027 to 1 August 2024 in the Historical Atrium of the Ljubljana City Hall.
Opening: 27 June 2024 at 19.00, Historical Atrium of the Ljubljana City Hall (Mestni trg 1, Ljubljana).

The exhibition will be opened by Zoran Janković, Mayor of the Municipality of Ljubljana.

The exhibition was created as a “logical continuation” of the monograph Theatre Möderndorfer, in which Vinko Möderndorfer explores 106 performances he had created over more than four decades of his career as a director.

The author's statement upon publication: “Already in the early 1980s and later, I thought it would be nice to see theatre through the sensitive eye of a photographer. I believed that theatre photography could be an art form in its own right.  /.../ After all, the only thing that remains after a theatre performance is the photographs and the impressions that the audience take away with them. Everything else turns into the dust of oblivion after the final performance.”

Since June 2023, the exhibition has visited Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Nova Gorica and Trieste. In each theatre, it came to life in a different way, not only because of the different settings, but also because the curator, Tea Rogelj, decided to complement it with some costumes from the respective productions.

The installation in the Historical Atrium of the City Hall is no exception - in collaboration with the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet Ljubljana and the renowned costume designer Alan Hranitelj, it is enriched with costumes and scenic elements from the premiere performance of the Slovenian opera The Unicorn by Pavel Šivic.

You are cordially invited!

Möderndorfer Theatre Travelling Exhibition

Author: Vinko Mőderndorfer
Curator: Tea Rogelj
Designer: Nina Šturm
English translator: Nataša Jelič Proofreader: Andraž Polončič Ruparčič  English proofreader: Jana Renée Wilcoxen
Produced by: Slovenian Theatre Institute (represented by: Dr. Gašper Troha) and Forum Ljubljana (represented by: Eva Rohrman), 2023

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