Sensational Saturday · All the Fun of the Fair

Reminisce about your favorite fairground rides and take smart phone photos of our new carousel horse with public artist and photographer, Lloyd Goradesky. Hear about his interactive art project Let Love Guide your Way.

Get ready for Halloween with our display of ghouls and goblins, witches and wizards in Fantastique. Shop for traditional Venetian masks from Balocoloc Artisans and choose Holiday gifts of Murano glass jewelry commissioned by Italianissimo.

Find out about our classes to create your own glass art with Chelsea Rousso and see her unique fantasy masks and wearable glass in our Carnival & Cabaret exhibit. We celebrate the art of having fun at WMODA with all the funfair peddlers, royal jesters, circus clowns, and cabaret entertainers in pottery and porcelain.

Immerse yourself in the Fantasy World of Josephine Wall in our latest exhibition gallery where you’ll also be Bowled Over by Fairyland. WMODA has the world’s largest collection of Wedgwood’s Fairyland Lustre ware on public display. Delve into the darker denizens of Fairyland with Louise Irvine.

Our Fantastique exhibition explores the enchanting world of ceramic art from the gods and goddesses of classical mythology to the mischievous imps and fairies of legends and fairytales. Recreate your own fantasy - come in costume or wear a mask to experience All the Fun of the Fair at WMODA. For the schedule of events visit

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