Kun Qu Opera lyrics writing in Chinese Calligraphy by Professor Pei Kai CHENG

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop II

Kun Qu Opera and Chinese calligraphy and which were inscribed in 2008 and 2009 on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Professor Pei-Kai CHENG is invited to give live demonstration on  Kun Qu Opera lyrics and provide tutorials with student calligrapher from City University of Hong Kong on basic Chinese calligraphy strokes.  With the generous support from the University of Edinburgh, we hope this event will connect the West with the East.

No experience is required and writing materials will be provided. After the completion of workshop, gifts will be given to the best pieces from participants.  

Come and enjoy writing Chinese calligraphy! 

About Professor Pei-Kai CHENG (鄭培凱教授) 

Prof. Pei-kai Cheng, graduated from National Taiwan University in Western Literature, Yale Ph.D in history and John King Fairbank Post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University, taught at State University of New York, Yale, and Pace University for 20 years before founding and serving as director of Chinese Civilization Center at City University of Hong Kong in 1998 until 2013. Since then he has been a visiting professor at Zhejiang University and University Professor at Fengjia University in Taiwan. Awarded Merit of Honor by Hong Kong government in 2016, he is now Chairman of Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Consultation Committee.

He has published a large number of books and edited various series of collections on Chinese history and culture.  His research interests cover a wide spectrum of academic subjects on Chinese culture, such as late Ming culture and Tang Xianzu, transcultural aesthetics, tea culture, Chinese export porcelain, and English translation of Chinese classics. He is also the founder and Editor-in-chief of Chinese Culture Quarterly since 1986.


著作所涉學術範圍甚廣,以文化意識史、文化審美、經典翻譯及文化變遷與交流為主。近作有《湯顯祖:戲夢人生與文化求索》、《多元文化與審美情趣》、《歷史人物與文化變遷》、《文化審美與藝術鑒賞》、《遨遊于藝》等;主編《九州學林》季刊、《中國歷代茶書匯編(校注本)》(合編) 、《The Search for Modern China : A Documentary Collection》(合編) 、《中國文化導讀》(合編)。策划主編《青青子衿》名家學術系列,以及《史景遷作品》叢刊、《近代海外漢學名著譯叢書(百種)》等。


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