Lights in Time

Lighthouse Seminar

All around the world, lighthouses are found along coastlines to guide mariners across the waters. Lighthouses can also be lifesaving beacons to seafarers falling prey to rough seas or typhoons. Lights in Time will look into lighthouses along the United Kingdom as well as the Asia Pacific region, highlighting its significance towards maritime history. The seminar will also touch into human stories relating to lighthouse heritage that allow preservation efforts towards culture, language and customs between the east and west.

“Preserving lighthouse heritage allows generations of the future to know the importance of safety and shipping management throughout the world.” 

                      - Peter Mathieson, Vice-Chancellor & Principal, University of Edinburgh

Two Presentations 

Presentation 1: Achieving the Seemingly Impossible – Creating the Bell Rock Lighthouse 1807 – 1811

by Gordon MASTERTON, University of Edinburgh

Presentation 2: The Fisher Island Lighthouse & The SS Bokhara

by Dan LAI, City University of Hong Kong

Moderated by Steve Hsianghoo CHING, City University of Hong Kong

About the Speakers

Professor Gordon MASTERTON is currently Chair of Future Infrastructure at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering. He is also a past president of the Institution of Civil Engineers and past president of the Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders in Scotland.

Mr. Daniel LAI is currently a Senior Research Assistant at City University of Hong Kong, working with the Run Run Shaw Library’s Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections’ programme.

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