Tina Konec / Transparencie – selling exhibition

Tina Konec has graduated in the year 2015, but her expression is already masterful and her drawings are refined in the way, that one would almost think she has a long creative mileage to show for.

She’s inspired by nature, specifically trees - coniferous trees, to be exact. She puts one thing next to another thing on the transparent paper and draws strokes with a pencil on ink. Sometimes she covers the drawings and the transparent paper with some other drawing and the vanishing obscured scenes emerge.

With enormously simple art tools Tina Konec creates quite complex work. The quality of the work is defined by its sensibility and the preciseness. Aldo she is inspired by nature (as previously mentioned) her drawings are entirely contemporary. The artist does not literary copy the nature. Rathar she condenses and loosens her treetops in a fine perceptible rhythem. We can sense an essence that is typical for Eastern art in the way she puts her drawings on the empty space of the paper, in the seeming simplicity, in the extremely condensed expression and in the poetry that’s found in her pieces. As if the doors to inconceivable were open – the drawings force the onlooker to direct his vantage point towards the treetops and into the sky. The look travels through the dark landscapes and individual details. The journey is encountered by piece and perfection. Everything is in its place – just where it is supposed to be. Easy, natural and complete.

Tina Konec
was born in the year 1992 in Maribor. In the year 2015 she graduated in fine arts from Academy for fine art and design (ALOU) in Ljubljana under the professor Zmago Lenárdič. She completed her masters in painting on the same institution under the mentorship of Tug Šušnik. For her piece Crystallization in ink on paper, she’s won the highest prize ‒ Grand Prix 53. International painting Ex-tempore in Piran. She lives and works in Ljubljana and Oplotnica.

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