Breads of love and dream

On the occasion of the International Museum Day with this year's title "The Museums as Hubs of Culture", the Museum "Ploumisto Psomi" presents the first event of this year's tribute to Crete "Bread of Love and Dream: Cyprus meets Crete through the decorated breads of the two islands.
The wider objective of this program is to preserve, promote, exploit and manage collective memory as a factor in the capitalization and continuity of tradition and in particular the richness of culture of food. The exploitation and dissemination of our cultural heritage is a dynamic challenge, absolutely necessary at a time of crises of values ​​and human civilization.
A reference point is this year's Cretan Decorated Bread Exhibition, created by the founder and the Museum "Ploumisto Psomi” , Dorita Voskaridou with bread and plums from Crete.
Through the presentation, a broader acquaintance with tradition is sought especially for young people with references to traditional folk arts, fairy tales and traditional games.


Breads of birth, christening and marriage through our stories and folk tales, music and traditional customs, through the ties that unite the two islands, join this year's hospitable place of “Ploumisto Psomi” Museum.
Lecture and narration of folk tales from Cyprus and Crete by Dorita Voskaridou (Director of the Museum and Storyteller).

Teachers will have the opportunity to learn about the prospective for their schools to cooperate with Ploumisto Psomi and the involvement of students in the museum's programs on exploring tradition.

There will be a tasting of bread and cheese from Cyprus and Crete
The entrance is free
Please register at: 99526772


Sponsored by the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus, mpec (Engineering Consultants), Acute Advisory Services


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