A 64-Year Conversation about Art

Peterborough Museum and City Gallery present a stunning new exhibition: A 64-Year Conversation about Art, with outstanding works by internationally renowned sculptor Sir Anthony Caro and modernist painter Sheila Girling. Caro and Girling met at the Royal Academy in 1948 when he used her drawing board by mistake. Their arguments about art apparently started at that first encounter and within six months they were married. Throughout their time together, their debates continued with Girling once describing their marriage as ‘a 64-year conversation about art’. Girling's intense use of colour proved to be hugely influential on Caro, who was more interested in form than colour. Perhaps his most well-known piece Early One Morning was originally painted green until Girling suggested that he change it to red. Likewise, Caro used to give feedback to Girling on her pieces, but she made sure that she felt completely comfortable with them beforehand, so that his honest manner didn’t put her off.

Source: http://www.culture24.org.uk/se000131?id=EVENT586613

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