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Even if you were not born in the social network era, these new ways of communication are part of everyone's daily life. Facebook is still the most popular social network here in Italy, but Instagram - i.e. the digital platform where you can take pictures, embellish them with filters and then share them - is captivating more and more users, not only among teenagers. Moreover, Instagram is one of the main channels used by the museums and the galleries in order to show their collections. In a nutshell, Instagram is a shared resource for all the art enthusiasts because it allows you to scroll around the artworks in the Louvre and then switch quickly to the exhibitions of MoMa. But, how do you use Instagram? How do you take and share pictures?

On the occasion of the International Museum Day, the Museo Diocesano Tridentino hosts a short course dedicated to all the people who would like to challenge themselves in learning how to use Instagram. The meeting is an hour and a half long and it is structured around different activities. After a first theoretical part, the participants will be able to try and take pictures around the Museum rooms and then share them on the social network. They will be guided by a young teacher who will suggest them how to take advantage of this platform and how to improve their Instagram experience.

Admission to the course is free and open on a first come first served basis.

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