Pop! British And American Art 1960 -1975

Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Peter Blake, Pauline Boty and others, arrived on the scene in a riot of colour, with no manifesto or shared aims, absorbing and borrowing from popular culture as they went, and challenging notions of originality and what it meant to create art. The classic Pop Art on show include an eight-metre-long fighter plane by James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup tin, a lament for Marilyn Monroe by Pauline Boty, Joe Tilson’s iconic images of Che Guevara and prints by Peter Blake. Featuring recognisable works from both sides of the Atlantic, this exciting exhibition offers an insight into the modern age’s most important art movement. This show has been developed as a partnership between the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum and Wolverhampton Art Gallery.


Source: http://www.culture24.org.uk/wm000058?id=EVENT584275

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