An Arabian Feast at Leighton House: 1,001 Flavours, Stories & Sounds from Syria

Set in Leighton’s Grand Studio and inspired by the artist’s extraordinary collection of 16th century tiles from Damascus in the stunning Arab Hall, guests will enjoy an array of mouth-watering dishes from Syria while learning of their provenance and culinary influences – a rich exchange of cultures across the centuries. In between courses they will be serenaded with live music, bridging old and contemporary songs from the region brought to you by Yara Zeitoun The evening is realised in collaboration with Sakbeh, the brainchild of Syrian couple and food lovers Nadeen and Louai, and it is part of the programme of the BBC Civilisations Festival, a showcase of ideas and events designed to engage a culturally curious audience. >> Doors open at 7pm for a drinks reception; dinner starts at 7:30pm >> Tickets are non-refundable. For further enquiries please contact the organiser on

Suitable for
Any age

Early bird tickets £40 Standard tickets £45



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