Fashion and Psychoanalysis

Speakers will address a wide range of themes connecting fashion, clothing, style and the body to psychoanalysis, creativity and unconscious emotional life. The conference will also explore the largely neglected role of fashion in clinical and mental health settings – aiming to address the many idiosyncrasies, taboos and paradoxes involved. The second day will be dedicated to wellbeing and mental health in the context of fashion. Through research and clinical perspectives, it will invite you to unravel two rather paradoxical phenomena: the relative absence of psychology in the fashion world and the apparent absence of fashion in the clinical encounter. The conference will end with a panel discussion on ‘Enclothed cognition’. Speakers SATURDAY 9.30 - 5.00 Fashion Thinking and Psychoanalysis Zowie Broach (biog) Introductory Thoughts Valerie Steele (biog) Freud and Fashion Claire Pajaczkowska (biog) In Fashion : Sexual Selection and the Fetish Anouchka Grose (biog) Ugliness+Time: Fashion and the Prisoners’ Dilemma Shaun Cole (biog) The ‘Great Masculine Renunciation’ Re-assessed Philip Mann (biog) The Dandy : Pathological Hero of Modernism Caroline Evans (biog) Denise Poiret and the Material Mnemonics of Fashion Bella Freud (biog) in conversation with Amanda Harlech (biog) SUNDAY 10am - 1.30pm Fashion, Psychology and the Clinical Encounter Claire Pajaczkowska Understanding 'Empathy by Design' Katerina Fotopoulou (biog) Body Imaging: Mentalising and Modifying our Bodily Appearance Emilia Raczkowska (biog) 'There Remains the Area of Clothes' – Enclothed Cognition from the Lab to the Couch PANEL DISCUSSION Enclothed Cognition Carolyn Mair, Anouchka Grose, Katerina Fotopoulou, Claire Pajaczkowska and others Carolyn Mair (biog) Closing Thoughts Day tickets available Tickets from £25 - £105
Day tickets available Tickets from £25 - £105



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