[CONCERT] Fabriqué en France

Since Medieval times, the French have been at the leading edge of western visual arts. From the Middle Ages through the growth of impressionism, French music has enjoyed a similar renown. In collaboration with the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG), L’Artiste will present Fabriqué en France, to highlight special features from the exhibition Imagining Qianlong: Louis XV’s Chinese Emperor Tapestries and Battle Scene Prints at the Imperial Court in Beijing. Beginning with Notre Dame Medieval chants, the repertoire will proceed through French compositions of the Renaissance and Baroque, showcasing the diverse features and styles of the musical eras with L’Artiste’s unique collection of period instruments.


Alleluia pastra nostrum (Gregory the First – Perotin – Leonin)

Saltarello (Anonymous)

A chanter m’er de so qu’ieu non volria (Beatritz de Dia)

Settings of l’homme armé (Anonymous – Robert Morton – Guillaume Dufay)

Ma fin est mon commencement – Amours me fait desirer (Guillaume de Machaut)

Douce dame jolie (Guillaume de Machaut)

Doulz amis – Ce qui soustient (Guillaume de Machaut)

Pavane lesquercade – Tant que vivray (Jean d’Estrées – Claudin de Sermisy)

Ce fut en mai (Moniot d’Arras)

L’ Amour de moy I & II (Anonymous)

Les plaisirs de l’ile enchantée (Jean-Baptiste Lully)

Sonata in A minor (Jean-Baptiste Loeillet)

Cinquiéme concert (Michel Pignolet de Montéclair)

Que vous diraige maman ( Michel Corrette)

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