The Harmonia Sacra

The Harmonia Sacra, or Divine Hymns and Dialogues composed by the best master of the last and present age is probably the most significant collection of Restoration sacred solo music published in England. The first edition appeared in 1688 and features Purcell, Blow, Clarke, Croft, Hymphreys, Turner, Weldon and Locke, and two Latin works by the Italian composers Carestini and Carissimi. Works selected for this concert include Purcell's The blessed Virgin's expostulation and Evening Hymn; Blow's O that mine eyes would melt into a flood; Humfrey's setting of Donne's poem Wilt thou forgive that sin?; Clarke's Blest be those sweet regions and Croft's What art thou? Performed by Arcata Baroque - Elin Harries (soprano), Carina Drury (cello), Nathaniel Mander (harpsichord).

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