Living History Festival

The Museum is holding a brand new Living History Festival over the weekend of 3-4 June 2017! Visitors to the Museum will be able to walk through history, with themed zones and actors depicting eras including the 1940s, Victorians, Georgians, Tudors, Saxons, and many more.

Suitable for
Any age

Adults gift aid £15.00 (standard £13.50) Adults gift aid 65+ £13.00 (standard £11.50) Children 4–15 years / Full time students gift aid £7.00 (standard £6.00) Family (1 + 3) gift aid £26.00 (standard £23.00) Family (2 + 3) gift aid £42.00 (standard £36.00) Children aged 3 years and under £Free Registered disabled / single helper £5.00 each (standard £4.50) Free car parking



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