New Port New City 1945 - Present

The museum's final gallery focuses on the changes that have transformed the look and feel of this part of East London over the last 60 years. Beginning in the post war period, the gallery recounts the ups and downs of London's inland docks, culminating in their closure in the 1960s and 1970s. The traumatic events brought physical dereliction, job losses and severe social strains on local communities. The turbulence continued as Docklands became the site of the largest regeneration project in Europe. The gallery looks at the process of regeneration through the eyes of community activists and developers. The Canary Wharf development and Docklands Light Railway both feature with uniforms, posters, models and ephemera enriching the story of the massive redevelopment. The development of Docklands over the past 200 years has mirrored the shifting patterns of British trade and economy. Where ocean-going ships delivered people and products from all over the world to London, multinational corporations now work moving money and goods electronically. New port, new city.

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