Come to the Museu Blau for Museums' Night!!

A night when locals  are the stars. Facilities at the Museu Blau become a space of  creativity and festivity,  side by side  with our neighbourhood communities.  Music , dance and theatre performances  by artists of the neighborhood.

All the activities will turn around Culture Km 0.

Date: 20 May 2017

Free entrance: from 7pm to 1 am


- Activities:

From 7pm to 1 am

Music , dance and theatre performances  by artists of the St. Marti district

The planet´s alive! Celebrate with us the Biodiversity day! Something´s up  at the Museum... our natural history exhibition has been invaded! The sounds of wildlife are mixed with the sounds of drums, tapping feet, whirling dancers, wailing guitars, and animated voices from around the world. It´s  a celebration of our natural heritage and the diverse cultural and artistic life of our neighbours.  You can´t imagine the  surprises  waiting for you just around the corner. 


Life Planet

«Planeta Vida» (Life Planet) interprets the Earth today as the result of the interaction between the physical and chemical environments on the planet and human beings. The rivers, mountains and oceans are closely related to the organisms that live in them and, together, all these elements form a global ecosystem that acts to regulate conditions on the planet.

This vision of the Earth and life, bringing together all the disciplines of natural science, provides the central framework for this exhibition, which is structured into three sections: ‘Biography of the Earth’, ‘Earth Today’ and ‘Islands of Science’.

Spinosaurus, the lost giant of the Cretaceous

The temporary exhibition Spinosaurus: the lost giant of the Cretaceous in the Museu Blau of Barcelona, presents the first known dinosaur adapted for swimming and the largest known carnivorous dinosaur. The exhibition, organized by the National Geographic Society in partnership with the University of Chicago, has been supplemented with fossils from the museum’s collections, which include the remains of this singular dinosaur.

Spinosaurus, with a length of 15 meters and weighing 6.8 tonnes, is enormous – even bigger than Tyrannosaurus rex – and shows characteristics that make it unique: a skull similar to that of a crocodile, an immense dorsal crest and short hind legs for moving in water.

The exhibition

A full-size replica of the skeleton occupies the central space of the exhibition and is surrounded by models, fossils and audiovisual displays that recreate the fauna and ecosystem of North Africa in the Cretaceous period, 95 million years ago, when the region was an immense river delta. We can also see how modern technology applied to paleontology has made it possible to reconstruct the skeleton, and the re-creation of a full-scale model, which has been installed in the Forum square, opposite the entrance to the museum.


Thi exhibition is a Pet portrait gallery by Olga Muñoz. She is a painter and collections restorer of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona,. You can visit at Cienciaimés  gallery until 29 October.

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