A'MUSEUM China has a long history and splendid culture, and it also influences the culture of neighboring countries. Neighborhoods such as Vietnam, India, Thailand, South Korea and Japan, their history and culture are also deeply influenced by the Chinese culture. In recent years, China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is promoted to inherit the cultural at the Silk Road. Our museum also displays ancient ceramics of countries which influenced by Chinese culture, and with the “Belt and Road...
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-: A Ge Ware Type Tripod Censer

-: A Longquan Celadon Vase with Tubular Handles

-: A Ding Ware Ivory Glazed Small Ewer

-: A Guan Ware Vase with Tubular Handles

-: A Qingbai Glazed Vase with Brown Splashes

-: A Jun Ware Blue Glazed Bowl with Purple...

-: A Famille Rose Brushwasher with Floral and...

-: A Blue and White Waterpot with Dragon Pattern

-: A Gray Schist Relief of a Seated Buddha

-: A Gilt Bronze Figure of a Seated Buddha

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