The intention was not to create a museum or a collection, but to reconstruct a lordly mansion of the mid 16 th century in which were very disparate objects of the 15 th and 16 th centuries: paintings; tapestries; rugs; furniture; arms; ceramics; items of bronze, glass and iron; jewelry, and domestic utensils of every kind, all collected with careful study and returned to their original use. Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi With these words, Giuseppe Bagatti Valsecchi provided an overview of the rich...
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-: Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, interior: series of...

-: Giustina de' Borromei

-: Eloquence, by Rombaldoni

-: Gilded cassone

-: Madonna and Child in the style of Donatello

-: Inkwell with putto

-: Glass chalice

-: Mandolin

-: Coffer

-: Coffer

-: Microscope

-: Little enameled coffer

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