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coin, dirham, Islamic, ?Abbasids

stoneware, tea caddy

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

token, halfpenny, British Isles, 18th-century...


vessel, imitation vessel, stone vessel

coin, denarius, Roman Imperial

coin, tanka (coin), Indian, Sultanate, Lodis

coin, denarius, Roman Imperial

token, halfpenny, contemporary fake, tokens,...

coin, pfennig, Medieval, Germany, M?nster,...

Job rebuked by his friends

Gérard de Lairesse

token, halfpenny, British Isles, 18th-century...

Jan Pietersz Sweelinck

coin, Ak?e, Islamic, Ottoman

Samuel Pepys

coin, sestertius, Roman Imperial

coin, Fals, Islamic, East Africa, Mogadishu

token, halfpenny, tokens, 18th-century Tokens,...

Painted wooden mummy portrait of Didyma mummy...

vessel, cosmetic vessel

coin, Greek, Judaea, Hasmonean Dynasty

Candlestick in the form of a Woman

tin-glazed earthenware, basin

coin, Tost?o, Medieval, Iberian Peninsula,...

Cornelis à Velzen

coin, pfennig, Medieval, Germany, Paderborn,...

vessel, jar

coin, Far Eastern, Korea, , 1 Mun

token, farthing, British Isles, 17th-century...

coin, denarius, Roman Imperial

Eva or Eve Fliegen of Meurs

Bust of a girl (Marguerite Degas)

porcelain, pipe rest

Christ at the house of Simon the Pharisee

coin, Roman Imperial

coin, 1 Paisa, Indian, Princely States, Gwalior

fritware (stonepaste), bowl

Marie de' Medici, bust, facing right