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vessel, vessel

Cliffs near Dieppe

Hercules, Nessus and Deianeira

tin-glazed earthenware, dish

coin, Roman Republic, denarius

Josephus de Longas

coin, Tanka, Islamic, Post-Mongol Iran, Timurids

token, farthing, British Isles, 17th-century...

coin, pfennig, Medieval, Germany, Westphalia...

weapons, hunting sword

mask, mortal

ornamental element, inlay

tin-glazed earthenware, vase

vessel, unknown

coin, Greek, Judaea, Hasmonean Dynasty

coin, Grand blanc, Medieval, France, French Royal...

toy coins, threepence, toy coins

primitive money, Far Eastern, China, Wang Mang,...

coin, Roman Republic, denarius

cosmetic equipment, kohl pot

coin, As, Roman Imperial

tin-glazed earthenware, wall pocket

coin, Castellano, Medieval, Iberian Peninsula,...

armour, half armour

Mr. Frans Banning Kok

token, farthing, British Isles, 17th-century...


coin, Greek, Attica

Samuel Butler

coin, Fals, Islamic, Egypt and Syria, Mamluks

token, halfpenny, British Isles, 17th-century...

lighting equipment, lamp fragment

coin, Medieval, France, Gros ? la queue, French...

coin, Fulus, Indian, Princely States, Awadh

coin, 5 francs, European, France, L

Giovanni Battista Cipriani

coin, tanka (coin), Indian, Sultanate, Lodis

A group of figures

The South Sea Scheme

coin, Indian, Early Medieval India