November 8 is solemnly celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan as Victory Day.

November 8 Victory Day
By the decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev dated December 3, 2020, in order to perpetuate this unprecedented victory, which has become a holiday of the power of our people and national pride and is of exceptional importance in terms of the reputation and future development of our state, annually November 8 is solemnly celebrated in the Republic of Azerbaijan as the Day Victory.
According to the decree signed by the president Ilham Aliyev on December 3, 2020 "On the establishment of Victory Day in the Republic of Azerbaijan", November 8 is celebrated as Victory Day in our country every year.
Victory Day is one of the most significant days in the history of Azerbaijan, celebrated by everyone with great pride. Azerbaijan Army, which wrote the history of a thousand years in 44 days, liberated our lands that were under the enemy's foothold and that we had longed for for 30 years. The Second Karabakh War, which began with the "Iron Fist" operation and lasted for 44 days under the leadership of the president Ilham Aliyev, who wrote the chronicle of victory, is a glorious victory in the history of Azerbaijan.
Today, we can experience this victory with great pride and joy thanks to the determination and will of the Azerbaijani people, economic strength, modern army building and people-power unity.
On November 8, after 28 years of longing, the city of Shusha, which is of great importance and symbolic meaning for the Azerbaijani people, was liberated from occupation. The liberation of Shusha, the Crown City of Karabakh, was one of the unique military operations that will go down in World Military History.
Long live the Commander-in-Chief!
Love to the Azerbaijani Army!
Karabakh is Azerbaijan!

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