The 19th century was a time of progress and enlightenment in Azerbaijan. A very significant event was the opening on September 1, 1879 of the Azerbaijani (Tatar) branch in the Transcaucasian Teacher's Seminary in Gori (Georgia).
After the establishment of the Republic of Azerbaijan, it became necessary to nationalize our education. The issue of the Azerbaijan branch of the Gori Teachers' Seminary operating in the country has come up in this regard. Firidun Bey Kocherli, a distinguished educator, pedagogue, literary critic, publicist, and public figure, contributed significantly to this work. On October 1, 1918, Firidun Bey Kocharli was appointed as the first director of the Gazakh Teachers' Seminary. One of the opinions expressed by Turkish and Azerbaijani intellectuals at the ceremonial opening of the Teachers' Seminary, which began operations under his leadership on November 10, 1918, was that "it is necessary to protect the homeland not only with a sharp sword, but also with science and reason."

Firudin bay Kocharli was born on January 26, 1863 in Shusha 
In 1910, he was appointed temporary instructor of the Azerbaijan branch of the Gori seminary.

In 1918, Gori relocated the Azerbaijan branch of the Teachers Seminary to Gazakh. Firidun bey Kocharli was appointed director of the seminary. Later he opened the first orphanage in Gazakh as well.

In 1890, he staged the comedy "Monsieur Jordan and the dervish Mastali Shah" in Yerevan. He also translated works of M.F.Akhundov, Jalil Mammadguluzadeh and other local and foreign writers into foreign languages. 

Until the 1940s, the seminary was known as the Gazakh Pedagogical Technical College after the establishment of Soviet power.
Gazakh Seminary students included Samad Vurgun, Alai-bek Shikhlinsky, Osman Sarivalli, Mehdi Huseyn, Aslan Еfеndiyev, Seyfulla Shamilov, Ismayil Shikhli, and others.

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